Track Name: I Don't Know Any Kakarot, That's Not My Name
I think I died on the hill
I swear to God it's a rough trade
Well I'm just trying to be good for the sake of us all,
But no one else is the same

So take a bite from my head
And turn it into a salt mine
And do whatever you want with what's left of my body,
Don't get soft on me now
Track Name: The Folly of Man
I am sick and I am sad
but I am satiated for now
and my days aren't really that bad
'cuz I'm satiated for now

And I will rise out of the muck
I will grow both of my legs
I will try to return home
but I will end up here again

I am young and good
I am satiated for now
my needs are so misunderstood
but I am satiated for now

And I will come from under rocks
I will shield my weakened eyes
I will gladly give up food
to rest between your open thighs

Talons dig into my skin
satiated for now
you wish to keep me within
but I am satiated for now

And serpents coil tightly 'round
rodents nestle close and warm
we are lonely parasites
calling each other a new home
you may lay here next to me
but don't you even breathe